Friday, November 21, 2008

TRAINING FILM - Le Mans -what the heck!?

I had this poster up in my room when I was a kid and that was probably the last time I saw the film.  So I netflixed it so I could do some video training.  All I can say is "Le Mans - what the heck?"
Le Mans VS Caillou - If you haven't watched PBS Kids you might find it a bit disturbing.  Mainly because there is virtually no conflict.  I remember watching Caillou with Jack and waiting for something horrible to happen and it never does.  Caillou lies...he corrects himself and apologizes, Caillou borrows a toy....he gives it back, Caillou makes his sister cry...she stops.  Anything tense that might happen get's resolved quickly and in the most peaceful manner.  
Just like Le Mans.  The other team's winning....they get a flat.  Steve McQueen's asked by a reporter what he thinks of his rival....McQueen says he's "one of the greatest drivers in the world."  McQueen replaces a driver who's just about to retire....the driver gives him some advice and wishes him luck.  The widow of the driver McQueen possibly killed winds up in his trailer....they drink tea and talk.
It is amazing how untense this movie is...
Le Mans VS On Any Sunday - Bruce Brown's "On Any Sunday" came out in 1971 and is possibly the greatest motorcycle racing documentary ever.  Le Man's came out in 1971 and is basically a documentary but doesn't quite go all the way.  The crowd footage from Lemans and On Any Sunday are almost interchangable - Kid's with their fingers in their ears, old people, wacky hippies, groovy girls, drivers brooding then occasionally smiling.  The big difference is LeMan's trie to have a plot and doesn't have a wacky narrator and goofy really could've used a wacky narrator and goofy music.

   - What I learned from Le Mans

1. Crashes only end two ways* - a) minor damage and a short stop in the pits b) massive fireball
      *that is, unless you're Steve McQueen - in that case your car is a gnarled mess but you're fine.

2.  You win because the other team gets a flat or has a bad starter.

3.  This is an important one - When not driving just wander around.  Go to your trailer or a carnival or have a snack.  Just make sure that even though you're in the middle of a race and you're the most famous racer in the world, you're compleatly out of touch with your team and the race.

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