Thursday, December 4, 2008

Iron Butterfly - Me vs. Carburator

Dusty Springfield wasn't cutting it in this battle with the Beast!  I had to pull out  Iron Butterfly.  Light & Heavy; the best of Iron Butterfly to be precise.  Also, as a native of San Diego, I have to mention that The Iron Butterfly is from San Diego.
     Iron Butterfly was perfect for this "total carburator rebuild" chapter 3.  Since this is the third time, I know my way around and need something to rock me through it.  Iron Butterfly kept me moving  while adding glimmers of humor (amazing lyrics, jammin' organ solos and backup singers singing in the third person).  The keys is, you don't risk dropping anything while listening to the Iron Butterfly, it just doesn't rock that hard and isn't that funny.

the Shroud of Carburator
If there's anything that got me interested in mechanics, it was the little window on carburators.  
Well, the final diagnosis is - I'm glad I did it.  I found some lines that were totally gummed up and some things that should move freely that weren't moving at all.
lets hope it works

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