Friday, December 26, 2008

It's about fun - pep talk

So, I spent last Sunday at my parents for a quick party/reunion.  And wound up talking way to much about cars.

First, I got my dad's side of my mom's pep talk story.  According to him, the first attempt at building a dune buggy failed.  They didn't finish in time and wound up racing their Landcruiser but we'll save that story for later.

So, I had a really good discussion with Dan who's garage I worked at very briefly in high school.  Basically, we concurred that the internet is brilliant and how could you work on a car without it.  This made me feel much better about taking something apart and then running to the computer to see if it looks right.

I talked with Doo Dah and his dad a bit about how off-road racing had become ridiculously expensive.  I wouldn't mind picking the LeMons brains on how to get a cheap off-road race together.   We also discussed 12a engines.  Although their experience was putting a turbo charged one in a dune buggy. 

Finally, I talked to one of my parents friends who was worried about my racing interest.  I explained to her that we were doing it for "fun" and that at our age you can't just invite friends over to your house to hang out in the garage.  You need something that's disguised as "work" inorder to have "fun" and that's what this race was about. 

So, we had "fun", lot's of it.  And we still would be having fun if it weren't for money,  a blown engine and Christmas running head long into us.  I have to say the damage of the holiday season was a bit more than I expected.  But it was fun and prepping for Reno will be even more fun.


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