Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Album Covers

So, Jalopnik recently did a gallery of 80 Auto-themed album covers and had some glaring omissions.  And like any obsessive record nerd my first reaction was to look at my wall of album covers to see what they had missed.  So here's my quick additions
El Trio Colombia "Invita a viajar" - really who doesn't think of this album when they're working on their car.
Hurst takes you to the '64 Nationals - A classic, so much better than the '63 or '65 Nationals and don't get me started about the '66 Nationals.  AND it's got a dedication to a dedicated man on the back, the ""grand-daddy of drag racing"" (that's double quoted because they quoted it from someone) Dan "Big Daddy" Garlits.
SCRAMBLE, The Sounds of Motorcycles at Speed -   Like everyone when I think dirtbikes I think New York and this album was recorded at the cross country motorcycle races at Andre's Farm in East Fishkill, New York.  With tracks like "Honda 125" and "Zundapp 250" I don't know how Jalopnik missed this one.  Unless there was some sort of 4 wheel bias.
Finally, one of my favorite albums of all times
Griff Borgeson Presents Hot Rod Heaven BAKERSFIELD SMOKERS -  With tracks like side one's "4) A Chrysler stock has trouble with shifts, then a Chevvy (sic) dragster makes a good run.  A badly behaved Buick with Dynaflow makes its run rather awkwardly." how could this one have been forgotten.  Plus the absolutely brilliant drawing by Ed Robbins on the cover.  I've loved this album enough to make a piece about it.

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