Friday, February 20, 2009


I've procrastinated on writing about this film for awhile now.  Basically it's pretty much the same as LeMans but with a plot.  You know, evilish Ferrari team, driver with a troubled past and something that might be described as a love interest.   It also has Toshiro Mifune and some awesome camera work .  The split screen stuff is pretty amazing and the split, split, split, split screen is even more awesome BUT Frankenheimer seems to completely forget about the technique halfway through the movie.
PARENTING TIP - My 6 year old loved this film.  That's when I realized that "adult" films of the 60s are way better for kids than kid films of the 2000s.  There really isn't any violence, foul language or nudity.  People are courteous, dress really cool  and there's no glaring product placement.  We did have to fast forward through some of the lengthly relationship conversations but the movie kept him interested and he actually still talks about it.  AND it was way better than Herbie fully Loaded.
TRAINING TIP -  Like LeMans I learned that basically you only win if the other team crashes or has mechanical problems.  In this case the main driver of the Ferrari team is killed and the Ferrari coach(?) pulls the entire team.

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