Saturday, January 24, 2009

Avoiding the car - What's the deal with the Honda Ridgeline tailgate!?!

Okay, I've been trying not to  think too about the car.  I've actually been trying to get some art done and avoiding the car has inspired my practice.  I've also, been dealing with a little dose of credit card so...

What's the deal with the Honda Ridgeline Tailgate?
I've been kind of craving a truck lately.  Although, I still find the 1991 Toyota Previa to be the most perfect vehicle ever but maybe when it hits 250,000 something might go wrong with it? So, I've been looking around.
     I liked the idea of a Ridgeline.  It's just ugly enough and it's a honda.  BUT then I saw the tailgate!  It's like 2" shorter than the sides of the truck.  What in the heck?  It looks like they ordered the wrong part.  Supposedly it's because there's a blind spot behind you  BUT couldn't they have figured it out earlier?  What else did they miss and have to add at the last second?  Just lower the sides two inches (they look goofily high).  It messes with the lines of the whole vehicle.  I wouldn't even expect something like this from an American truck, and it they did do it they would have the decency to at least put a plastic chrome bit on the corners so it would look like they did it on purpose.
 So, based on that the ridgeline is off my list....sorry ridgeline

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