Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the car's back - Minor Threat

I got the car back yesterday and can't say I'm thrilled to see it.  

This morning, I needed some motivation.  So I put on Minor Threat's complete discography cd to get me moving (actually, I played it on my ipod, but that's a different post).  It did.  This was the first CD I ever purchased way back in 1991(?).  I was a teeny bit of a hold out when it comes to CDs and I can't say I will miss them.  At the time, the complete discography made the conversion worth it, I had all the lps/eps but I was in grad school and as I've learned over and over again, playing vinyl while working in my studio is a horrible idea.  

So, the team is still recovering from our collapse.  People are coming together and sort of enthused but also need a little of a time out.   I think some of us are going to tear apart this engine and look at it.  There's an extremely slight chance we can get it running.  Then again taking it apart is free.

party with me punker,
Surly Captain

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