Friday, October 10, 2008

Owned By an Aircraft Mechanic- pts 1-3

     Out here on the edge of the Antelope Valley, the old hub of the aircraft industry,  you often see "previously owned by an aircraft mechanic" or "engineer" or some kind of technician in a $500 car add.  It's never "previously owned by a meth lab technician" or "deranged survivalist" which would be more likely.
    So when the seller for the RX7 proclaimed it was "owned by an aircraft mechanic" I took it with a grain of salt. Sure the car seemed clean and tidy but I wasn't convinced until I found.
1. Stack of various aircraft oriented business cards, FAA hotline numbers and shipping weight charts (but really doesn't everyone have one of those)

2. The Xanadu - I nearly threw it away thinking it was just a broken hockey stick.  But it's actually a handcrafted rear hatch holder with a custom rubber tip.....nice.

3.  The tidy pile of fast food wrappers.  In the glove box under everything was a McDonalds bag filled with neatly folded other bags and wrappers, some still glowing with grease after 8 years in the desert....super nice.

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