Saturday, October 18, 2008

We've Submitted!

Well it's official, we've submitted our "application" to race in the 2008 24 hours of LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza.  Here's how our submission wound up.

     Why should you accept The Southern Californian Small Car Social Club? 
Well, really, we're not qualified to repair a car, much less race one, but we do have mad licensing from a gamut of authorities. Does this make us cooler than other groups? Well, yes, yes it does.

Sean Duffy – dad/artist
Food Handler’s Permit (expired), Picture Framer’s of America Certified, Donkey Basketball License, in 1970 met Steve McQueen , James Garner and Ms Hurst Shifter.

Rhonda Rodgers – rebel/loner
FCC radio operators licensce , FAA certified flight instructor’s licences, has connections at McMaster Carr, State of Texas EMT license (expired), is rad

Dennis Nishi - Cornpaw
High School Literary Editor (deposed).NORBA (North American Off Road Biking Association) race license (expired), Owns a torque wrench, Hunter's safety license (expired) Saltwater fishing license (expired), horse mounted samurai in a major motion picture movie

Eric Tseo – enthusiast
Infant CPR certified. NAUI junior scuba certification (expired), Webelos scout in good standing, optical guitar pickup (inventor), virtual reality head tracker(inventor), and the 5 wheel bicycle(co-inventor), Member of the Blackberry Crash Testers Adventure Racing Team,
Top Secret Clearance (innactive)

Paul Alioshin – R&D and D&D
Top Secret Clearence (denied)

Liisa Pine – welder/clown suit owner
First place, Westlake Cheerleaders 1974, Up With People cast "A", 1983-1984, Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification (expired), Forklift certification (expired), SRL fabricator and machine operator since 1992, United States Parachute Association "A" license, American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector.

George Cook – ninja/not a ninja
US Adventure racing association licence (expired), Advanced PADI Scuba Diving License, Ninpo Taijutsu Blackbelt (Rusty) - A gibbon once stole his hat.

So, if during the race you need to know how to handle a sandwich, fly a plane, give cpr to a baby, pearl dive or climb a fence with a rifle –We are the team for you!

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