Friday, October 24, 2008

What I've been up to

Well, I've torn apart the engine.  All the water channels were filled with rust so it's a good thing I took a look.   The engine actually looks amazingly good all things considered.  The gaskets look brand new, the apex seals are good, nothing cracked and everything looks okay - except for the tar around the rotors.  It looks like the engine was rebuilt at some point before it was put into dry dock and it also looks like they poured oil or some other viscous fluid in the plug holes in order to "store" it and over 8 years that oil turned to solid resiny goo.  Oh and there's some mysterious shavings that I'm going to ignore.  So, I'm putting it back together and we'll keep our finger crossed.  Oh and we'll need a 
-water pump
-spark plugs
-the clutch looks ooookay..... well, we can't afford to replace it - so we might accidently bring a spare with us.

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